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Welcome to my Of Ash & Shadow Update blog post! The first of many to come. Sit back, relax, grab a drink of your preference, and enjoy the craziness that is my mind. I apologize in advance haha.

When writing – I’m sure my fellow authors can attest – you have when you finish your novel, when you think you’ve actually finished your novel, and when you finally-oh-dear-god-I-can’t-stand-this-story-anymore-actually-finish your novel.

When you finish your novel

Is the first time you write ‘the end’ on that final-but-really-not-final page of the manuscript. It’s been months of sitting in front of your computer dealing with freezing fingers due to lack of blood flow, too many snacks that only the size of your waistline can count, and your tea kettle, coffee machine, Brita has seen way too much action proven by the million cups precariously sitting atop your workspace. Not to mention, you now have to adjust your sweatpants, splash some water on your face, and somehow dive back in to fix the gnarled mess of a manuscript titled — First Draft.

Then…there’s “when you think you’ve actually finished your novel

Which is after that first round of edits. You’re feeling pretty good. Satisfied even. You spent another couple months weeding out those fillers words, taking advice from your critique partners, and slowly weening yourself off the snack habit you developed during the first draft. Then after researching a good list of agents to send your query letter, you reread your manuscript and get the sickening feeling that you have to rewrite the whole damn thing.

And finally…there’s “when you finally-oh-dear-god-I-can’t-stand-this-story-anymore-actually-finish” your novel.

You’ve done the rewrite. You’ve weeded out every misplaced comma, and amended every accidental misspelling of the word vulture. Yes I misspelled it and fixed it here because my vocabulary is terrible. I’ve also just gone back to work – thanks COVID – and I’m back to waking up at 5:30am. I blame sleep deprivation.

I’d like to say that I’ve hit that last ending. The one I am finally be satisfied with and can publish myself. Unfortunately, somewhere between fixing the spelling of the word vulture and reading Nalini Singh‘s most recent Guild Hunter Novel, Archangel’s Sun, I realized an entire rewrite of the ending was necessary. Funny how another author’s amazing writing can make you realize how much yours sucks.

Okay, not sucks. But you get what I mean.

Of Ash & Shadow Update -Gif of Stitch, from Lilo & Stitch  when he drags his claws down his face in exasperation.

My ending was inadequate in comparison. Mine lacked proper pacing, action, and satisfaction. It was like BOOM books over now! Haha we won!

Boring, right?

So, that’s my Of Ash & Shadow Update. Done, but not done-done. A solid 90% complete, in my opinion. Once done, given a quick edit, it’ll be ready to go…which is a whole other terrifying story I’ll give you another Of Ash & Shadow update on another day!

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