Of Ash & Shadow debuts on September 15th which is SO FAR AWAY! At least, with the way 2020 is going right now, it feels that way. Which is why I thought it would be fun to post a little sneak peek!

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Exclusive Excerpt: 
Advance Excerpt From Of Ash & Shadow

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Sneak Peak at Of Ash & Shadow

By Sarah King

Cyrus, gun drawn, led the pack. “Explain.”

Wyn’s head drooped, chin hitting her chest, shoulders slumped. Muttering under her breath, she collapsed onto the walkway lining the tunnel. Her hands braced her back against the wall, which was cool, but clean. Deep enough into their encampment, the walls and floors were power washed with disinfectant looted from the rundown Walmart near US-7. A sewer did not a home make, but everyone worked hard to transform the only safe place in town.

Keir remained close, half shielding her. She decided to ignore the significance of his stance to focus on Cyrus. Hard gray eyes were laser focused on Keir. The threat. Cyrus lived by his teachings. Never let your guard down around the enemy. It kept them all alive. At his temple, beneath his midnight skin, throbbed a vein she saw only in times of tremendous stress.

Usually, those times were caused by her.

“Summer Prince, lost stone, stupid-fucking quest, and Mr. We’re-Taking-The-Hobbits-To-Isengard as my guide.”

Throb, throb, throb.

A group of younger trainees, clustered behind the mob of twenty mercs, giggled. Their voices were like a chorus of birds twittering in the trees. Wyn didn’t hide her grin. Cyrus made all active duty soldiers work with their youngest recruits. A mental health measure, to keep them all from sinking into the darkness and despair of their savaged world. Though she’d never admit it, Wyn found spare moments of peace with their littles.

Cyrus sighed, the sound heavier than the weight of her quest. After two years under his tutelage and numerous broken bones on both their accounts and hundreds of suicidal fae-killing missions, Wyn wanted a pat on the back for such an accomplishment. No one frustrated Cyrus more than she. This was a badge she’d wear with pride.

He rubbed his eyes with thumb and forefinger then pegged her with his steely-gray gaze.

“Why did I take you in?” he asked of no one in particular, muttering under his breath while waving off the group at his back. “Reckless. Stubborn. No self-worth. A walking time bomb. My own damn fault. Dang soft spot for the broken ones. Fine, let me see.”

Wyn let Cyrus haul her onto her feet and support her. “Best merc you ever trained.”

“Lucky you survived this long.”

“Trained by the best.”

“Kiss ass.”

“Love you too.”

Wyn’s words rang hollow, even to her ears. No doubt Cyrus heard the echo in them too. Inside her chest, her heart didn’t swell or squeeze or beat faster or slower. This was their norm. A ritual. Two years fighting side by side. They had a routine.

Read more on September 15, 2020 when Of Ash & Shadows, the first book in my Triskelion Series, debuts!

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