I’m so excited to be a part of Victoria Marswell‘s Book Tour for her recent romantic suspense release – The Counterfeiter’s Daughter!

Book Cover: The Counterfeiter's Daughter by Victoria Marswell


An empathetic psychologist, Madelyn Brighton trusts no one. She maintains a solitary and organized life with a serene view of the beach.

Everything changes when bad news forces her to leave sunny California and travel to Bavaria in southern Germany. Amid 19th-century castles and dark family secrets, she must deal with the repercussions of her estranged father’s shocking counterfeiting crimes when she secretly inherits a priceless artifact.

Complications ensue when Madelyn reluctantly partners with the adventurous, blue-eyed archaeologist Jake Nolan. He promises to help her evade Leon Von Füssen, a prominent and wealthy art conservator who keeps them on the run as he tries to get his hands on the valuable museum piece Madelyn hides.

Madelyn finds herself caught in the middle of a rivalry between Jake and Leon. Will she succeed at protecting the innocent victims affected by her father’s mistakes, trust Jake with her safety and open herself to love again? Or will the counterfeiter’s daughter suffer the fallout of her father’s choices?

Join Madelyn on her thrilling journey of romantic suspense—from disillusionment to faith, bitterness to forgiveness, and loneliness to the prospect of love.

My Book Tour review of The Counterfeiter’s Daughter…

Madelyn definitely gets swept away on a whirlwind adventure in the Counterfeiter’s daughter, though it does take a little time to get into the story. Thankfully a hero on a motorcycle is my kind of guy any day of the week. Unfortunately for work-focused, fatherless Madelyn, she’s thrust into a world not too unlike Indiana Jones due to her absentee-dad who got in too deep with antique smugglers.

Like any good romance you have to have a handsome hero, and Jake Nolan fits that bill. If Jake is Indiana Jones, Madelyn is his Marion. Though Madelyn and Jake’s ending is a far happier one than the aforementioned Jones & Marion. The romance in TCD is a slow sweet burn, building across the whole book to a satisfying resolution.

Europe has a host of beautiful locations which Marswell takes advantage of in her novel, taking the reader on as much of an adventure as the characters. In a time when travel is difficult or non-existent due to COVID, having an far off escape through TCD is a nice way to leave our houses behind and experience a little bit of the world without ever having to get off the couch.

TCD is a little slow to start, but once the adventure begins it picks up. My biggest difficulty while reading actually had to do more with the formatting of the ebook than the content of the story. Due to a lack of indentation the paragraphs appeared to run together, making it harder to read as the blocks of text were vast. Still, if you like a fun, jaunty romantic suspense The Counterfeiter’s Daughter by Victoria Marswell may be your cup of tea.

About the Author:

Victoria Marswell Author Photo

Victoria Marswell is a romantic suspense author. Victoria started writing poetry and short stories in her early teens. She majored in biblical studies at Hope International University and incorporates inspirational Christian themes into her writings. Victoria is a world traveler and sets her stories in the locations she has visited. At 17, she traveled to Germany and Austria where she was inspired to write her debut novel, The Counterfeiter’s Daughter. Victoria continues to travel the world; creating and writing romantic and thrilling adventures. She lived in Orange County, CA for 38 years and currently resides in Portsmouth, NH.

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