The Triskelion Series by Sarah King - Book One Cover - Of Ash & Shadow

Of Ash & Shadow

Book One

The Fae stole everything from Wyn. Her home. Her family. Her soul.

Now they want Her help. A murderer for hire, but this mission – kill the Shadow Queen, the boogeyman of the realm – is a suicide mission. At best! If she doesn’t say yes, they’ll steal more of the small family she’s piecemealed together since dragging her ass out of Faerie three years ago. Guided by a vaguely familiar dark elf, Wyn must traverse the Shadow Court, a barren wasteland with toxic air populated by nightmarish creatures.

Faerie warps everything it touches. And helping them? Means giving them the last part of herself. Her humanity. Read more…

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The Triskelion Series by Sarah King - Book Two Cover - Coming Soon

Of Blood & Reverie

Book Two

The Fae stole everything from Wyn. And then, they gave her back so much more in penance. Power. True love. A Kingdom.

The Kings and Queens of Faerie locked the Elysi Court away for a reason, but Faerie has a mind of its own. And it’s chosen Wyn. Queen of the Elysi Court, Wyn must figure out friend from foe. Foes who can infiltrate her mind at her most vulnerable, whispering words of treason, promising power, and threatening the same fate if she doesn’t listen.

Descending into Faerie’s madness, Wyn must fight not just the other Kings and Queens of Faerie, but her own mind.

Wyn thought there was nothing left to give after surrendering her humanity. She was wrong. Now, her sanity hangs in the balance.

10,000 of 130,000 words written

The Triskelion Series by Sarah King - Book Three Cover - Coming Soon


Book Three